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A reference
in galvanized products
since 1950

Get to know Olaizola

dip galvanized

Galvanizados Olaizola is a company specialising in the hot-dip galvanizing of components and pipes.

An integral service

hot-dip galvanized

In addition to its galvanizing work, Galvanizados Olaizola provides logistics, painting, assembly, thermo-lacquering, material preparation, shipping and storage services.

Where we work

special machinery for interior pipe blowing

Our activity is largely concentrated in Spain and France, where we have widespread presence in the construction, agri-food, solar energy and petrochemical sectors.

Pipe specialists

dip galvanized

Galvanizados Olaizola has special internal pipe blowing machinery with a capacity of 5,000 t/year.

Flexibility and adaptation

gipuzkoa galvanized company

Galvanizados Olaizola is proud of its flexibility in dealing with unexpected requirements, thanks to which we enjoy long-term relations with our clients.

Technical advice

olaizola galvanized

We work closely with our clients when designing a new piece in order to study their galvanizing needs.

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